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How to Register a Domain Name

The first step in getting your new website up and running is registering your domain name. A domain name is an address, such as, that points to your website. Securing a domain name is a three-part process, and I will outline my suggested steps below. We use affiliate links in this tutorial and earn a small commission if you buy a domain through our links. Rest assured, we would not recommend a service that wasn’t high quality.

  1. Visit a domain registrar and search for your desired name. We recommend NameCheap.
  2.  Once you have found your perfect domain name, you can go ahead and purchase it. Domain name registration will be an ongoing cost that you will typically pay annually. Remember, if you don’t set your domain name to auto-renew, you may lose it if you forget to pay the following year.
  3. You will then need to point your Domain Name Servers (DNS) to your web host. If Solo Creative Services is managing your website, we can do that for you. See this article to permit us to control your domain for you. Our NameCheap username is solocreative.

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